Jeroen Moes

I am a researcher and lecturer with a broad training in the social sciences (sociology, anthropology, methodology, politics, and European studies). I'm passionate about research methodology and asking questions that matter. Over the years, I have accumulated experience in research design, analysis, advice, lecturing, working across disciplinary and national boundaries, and in the organization of various universities and institutions. I like to bring people together to collaborate on projects (workshops, edited books, journals, research design, data collection). My expertise is in research methodology, inequality, gentrification, European studies, politics, and identity. I have particular research experience in Poland (2007-2008), Estonia (2009-2013), Italy (2009-2014), and the Netherlands (2010-present).

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Maastricht University, University College Maastricht

Course coordinator for at least 8 course offerings per year for around 275 students. All of these courses deal with research methodologies and undergraduate research. I am also involved in several other research-oriented courses such as Documentary Project and Capstone. My teaching includes qualitative and quantitative methods, statistics, ethnography, social network analysis, visual methods, and a variety of other approaches.

    • Collaboration with ITEM on a project on European identity in the Euroregion
    • An Erasmus+ project called CREATES, which looks at educational innovation, where I focus on RBL
    • Collaboration on setting up a new research agenda: Citizenship from Below (with Kai Heidemann) which addresses identity, political networks, and post-industrial heritage in the Euroregion
    • Coordinator of MaRBLe, which is an educational programme for ‘Research-Based Learning’.
    • Supervisor for MaRBLe. Some examples of recent undergraduate research collaborations:
      • Neighbourhoods in Transition
      • Citizenship from Below
      • A Visual Exploration of Social Inequality
      • Sexual Harassment in Maastricht (municipality assigned applied research)
      • Imagining Europe: identity, space and place

2013 - Present

Guest Lecturer

Maastricht University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Area Studies (focusing on Eastern Europe), Qualitative Research Skills II, and some sessions in the course EU Politics. In addition, I organized a workshop on Interview Techniques.



European University Institute, Florence

Research project ‘Imagining Europe’.

    • The project strategy for this research involved intensive cooperation with a self-assembled team of 7-12 students in each of the three countries for data collection (Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands). This taught me significant skills in project and team management, organising information exchange, and data collection design.
    • Worked on a Horizon 2020 bid called One Many Europe within a consortium. The bid was evaluated very highly, but ultimately did not get funded. (2014-2015)
    • Initiated an edited book project (with Gemma Scalise) based on a workshop

2009 - 2017


Utrecht University, Department of Pedagogical Sciences

  • Researcher for ‘Wired Up: Digital media as innovative socialization practises for migrant youth’
  • Research into identities and learning practices of Dutch and Dutch-Moroccan youth online.



Radboud University, ICS graduate school

  • Research on European identity amongst higher educated Polish youth.
  • Presented at conferences and published based on thesis research.



European University Institute – Political and Social Sciences

Dissertation title: Imagining Europe: Identities, Geography, and Method. Comparative mixed methods research into collective (European) identities, social cleavages and transnational social networks in European societies. In-depth case studies of Estonia, Italy, and the Netherlands. – Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Kohli.
2009 - 2017

European University Institute – Political and Social Sciences


Courses on nationalism, statistics, and history.

2009 - 2010

Radboud University Nijmegen / ICS graduate school – Social Cultural Sciences: Comparative Research on Societies

MSc.(Research), cum laude

Thesis title: CosmoPoles: Shifting boundaries in the identification with Europe. Interdisciplinary (Sociology, Anthropology, Politics) mixed methods approach, and a quantitative cross-national comparison. Research based on in-depth fieldwork in Poland (Oct. 2007 – Feb. 2008) – Supervisor: Pof. Dr. Frans Hüsken

2006 - 2008

Radboud University Nijmegen – Sociology


Specialization in comparative research on cohesion, inequality, and identity. Special interest in methodology, statistics, and techniques for quantitative data analysis.

2004 - 2007

Radboud University Nijmegen – Cultural Anthropology & Development studies


Specialization in case study research on social cohesion, nationalism, collective identity, migration, and European integration. Special interest in epistemology and research methodology.

2003 - 2006

Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht – Pedagogical Academy for Primary Education

Propaedeutic diploma

Several internships at primary schools.

2002 - 2003

Selected other educational experiences

Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis Advanced Social Network Analysis (2010)
Goldsmiths, University of London Summer school in Visual Research Methods (2012)
Jagiellonian University, Kraków Erasmus Mundus Research stay (2007-2008)

2002 - 2003